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Yes! You Are Creative!

Are you someone who:

•  Has always wanted to make art, but doesn't know where to begin?


•  Starts a lot of creative projects, but has trouble finishing them?


•  Wants to find the power in your own creative voice to reduce stress, anxiety and boost your mood?


•  Has experience creating, but wants to learn more about technique in order to build a specific skill set?


•  Is interested in picking up a new hobby?

•  Wants to get better at drawing, painting, or creative problem solving?


•  Wants to experience the healing, transformative and therapeutic benefits of making art?

• Would like to be part of a unique, online creative community?



I would love to work with you!

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As an art educator, my passion is for encouraging creativity and cultivating environments that promote inclusive artistic growth, empowerment and nourishment. My teaching philosophy is anchored in my deep belief in the healing, transformational power of art, the importance of listening, and my own personal goals to be a lifelong creator and learner. 


I have taught classes and private students at both the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, as well as virtual, online sessions with the New York Public Library


With years of experience teaching and mentoring students of all ages and skill levels both in person and online across the globe, I hold a steadfast commitment to fostering proactive environments that spotlight the exploration of diverse styles and techniques.

BFA - Studio Art, Oakland University, MI.