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"COSMIC DETENTION" is an immersive art installation created as a site-specific piece for acclaimed curator, Ethan Cohen and world-renown artist, Ron English, for the Back to School Art Festival at the Kube Art Center in Beacon, NY. “Back to School” is an art festival where you can imagine the high school experience you wished you’d had. No homework, no grades, no bullies, just art. This piece is on view in the main gallery at the Kube Art Center in Beacon, NY until May 18th, 2024. 




Many of us can recall the stern atmosphere of a school detention room - a space often associated with introspection and remorse. “Cosmic Detention” reimagines this setting, beckoning those who enter to contemplate their interconnectedness with one another and their unique role within the intricate tapestry of the cosmic web.


The fundamental elements that compose our physical beings originated in the stars, evolving over billions of years and multiple stellar lifetimes. Each atom of oxygen in our breath, carbon in our muscles, calcium in our bones, and iron in our veins traces its lineage to these cosmic forges, predating Earth’s existence. Yet even more intrinsic is our consciousness, a force that is continually co-creating the unfolding reality before us.


Our individual narratives and experiences are integral threads in the grand tapestry of the universe. Without each and every one of us, this cosmic story remains incomplete.


As you step into this space, you will discover a notebook on the desk: an invitation to contribute a memory, a dream, a poem, a story, a drawing, or simply their name - a testament that you are here, and that simply because you are here, you belong. Reflect on your unique journey, and consider the impact of your existence on the cosmic whole.


“Think about what you’ve done”

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