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Self-expressive painting workshops

"No matter what makes you hesitant (am I creative, 'good' enough, do I have time, can I afford it), just take 2 or 3 classes and you will see that Chris will help you find your creative self and to get better at it in a positive and encouraging fashion. Also, come for the art, stay for the creative community!"

- Hilde VDB, NYC

Image by Steve Johnson
PB_stockphoto5 copy.jpg
Image by Anna Kolosyuk

Want to relax and get away from it all? The aim of this ongoing class is to simply get lost in the joy and relaxation that comes through the act of creating. All students are able to choose the paint medium of their choice (oil, acrylic, watercolor or "painting dry," which includes oil pastel, dry pastel, oil stick, etc). Feel free to work from whatever inspires you! Each workshop is a unique, two-hour session, so please note that you may not complete your project in one session but the overall emphasis is on working at your own pace and enjoying the process of art making. Get one on one creative guidance while building community in a artistically nurturing environment.  


I advise signing up for the full 4 session workshop if you have a more serious desire for learning painting, making a large piece of artwork, or for creating multiple pieces to proudly hang in your home. Each session is 2 hours in length.


Please note, if you choose to work in oils, your work will take longer to finish

Class size is limited to 8 students max to ensure that adequate attention and guidance is given to each student.

Class meets Sundays Online

from 11am-1pm EST

If you would like to join the class,

but have another start date in mind,

please get in touch with me.

$40 per session

or 4 session workshop package

for $130

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