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Hey there!

I’m Chris Ams. I'm a multi-disciplinary artist, illustrator, and visual development artist living in Beacon, NY. I love to cross boundaries and genres through the use of both traditional and digital techniques, while maintaining a consistent focus on underlying narrative, aesthetic detail, and emotional impact.


Regardless of the medium, I always feel the most at home when I'm exploring, making things, and breathing life into ideas in ways that excite and inspire.

Do you work in animation, games or publishing? I am interested in taking on projects related to illustration for book covers, interior art, and board games, as well as visual development work for film and television projects.


love a good story, and it would also be great to work on a picture book, cover art, or interiors for Y.A. fiction as well. I have lots of experience developing visuals to help structure and elevate great stories and ideas. Let’s work together! 


2019 - Online mentorship with artist Dan Dos Santos, SmArt School

2007 - B.F.A. Studio Art, Oakland University, MI



Scene 360 Magazine - 2016

Infected By Art: Volume 4 - 2016

Hyperallergic Magazine - 2015


Scene 360 Magazine - 2015


Scene 360 Magazine : Top 10 Reader Submissions of the Year - 2015

RAW Arts: Brooklyn Visual Artist of the Year - 2013


Select Shows:

2020 - Open Studios Group Show at Hudson Beach Glass - Beacon, NY

2019 - Illuxcon Artist Showcase - Reading, PA 

2019 - Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition/ Chashama Gallery pop up show - Brooklyn, NY 

2019 - Untitled group show at Greenpoint Gallery - Brooklyn, NY



the night sky, the universe, dinosaurs, bones, nature, autumn, bugs, textures, old photographs, historical artifacts, camping, hiking, time, monsters and creatures, science fiction and fantasy, sustainable and locally grown food, great coffee, hard cider, singing, soul music, yoga and meditation


Currently Reading:


The Obelisk Gate by N.K. Jemisin   


** I am taking on additional freelance at this time. Please reach out for specific availability.

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An interview with the design collective, Unraveled  

Q: What is your design philosophy?


A: If it works, it works. My philosophy is anchored in a personal creative goal to be a lifelong learner and explorer. I believe that a great design is a great design, regardless of it’s application. The only limitations you have are the ones you place on yourself, so forget about everything… do your own thing, and let yourself shine through your work. It always yields the best results.


Q: What aesthetic or visual ideas affect you the most?


A: Visually, I think that finding a sense of balance is key in creating any successful composition. Whether it’s balance in content, color, shape, or contrast, I enjoy work that allows my eye to wander around the piece, rather than stay transfixed in any singular position. Also, work that is visually or emotionally relatable, evokes a sense of awe and curiosity, or hints at the fantastic is right up my alley as well.


Q: Briefly explain your creative process.


A: I love to go on long walks and hikes to recharge, brainstorm, and imagine. I get ideas from whatever environment or mindset I’m in at the moment, but most of my inspiration comes from the raw beauty of the natural world. I typically get a flash of an idea, or concept, and if it sticks long enough, I start to build on the visuals in my mind. It’s more of an intuitive process, and rarely do I sketch out a complete idea before working on a personal piece. I like to just dive right in, and work out the kinks along the way. When working with clients, I make sure to offer sketches and thumbnails that clearly demonstrate design sensibility and ideas prior to diving into a finished product 


Q: Do you believe in the process more than result or result more than process? Why?


A: I think both are equally valid from a creative standpoint. There is a therapeutic aspect within the process that is valuable in and of itself, and for me, integral to the quality of a finished piece. However, from a design point of view, if the end result is not ultimately successful, then the process also falls flat.

Q: What is the range of methods, materials and styles you are most comfortable working with?


A: I’m a curious person, and I like to get messy, so I try not to stick with any one particular style or medium that is within my comfort zone. As an artist, I am constantly evolving and exploring new avenues of conception. Not only is flexibility important to my process, but also to maintain stylistic coherence when working toward a common visual aesthetic with a team of other artists. If a certain piece calls for an alternative method of creation, or a certain unfamiliar stylistic element, I will do what’s needed to get the end result that my client and/or team is looking for.