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The jungle book

Interior illustration for "the Jungle Book" by Rudyard Kipling

Based on the passage below from the Chapter, "Mowgli's Brothers"


    Akela the Lone Wolf lay by the side of his rock as a sign that the leadership of the Pack was open, and Shere Khan with his following of scrap-fed wolves walked to and fro openly, being flattered. Bagheera lay close to Mowgli, and the fire-pot was between Mowgli's knees. When they were all gathered together, Shere Khan began to speak - a thing he would never have dared to do when Akela was in his prime.

    "He has no right," whispered Bagheera. "Say so. He is a dog's son. He will be frightened." 

The Jungle Book

Below, you will find 3 concept sketches which illustrate the same above passage from "The Jungle Book" from different angles.

I really liked the compositional idea of Shere Khan looming above the scene, as well as the placement of wolves in the corner in the first sketch, however, I also appreciated the flow and movement that was more pronounced in the second.

With those thoughts in mind, I combined the ideas of the first and second sketch that I felt worked best to visually express the scene into a third concept, which was eventually used as a reference for the final illustration.

Napping trio

(Mowgli, Bagheera & Baloo

- illustration spot)

Napping Trio (Mowgli, Bagheera & Baloo)
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