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Draw like a wizard workshop

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden
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Dive into the fundamentals of drawing in this workshop series! This is the perfect class to expand your foundational drawing skills. We will explore how to draw portraits using the Loomis Method, techniques and methods that will help you learn how to think about composition in art, drawing and creating in various styles, how to find inspiration for your own work, and how to draw landscapes using a combination of pencils and chalk pastel. We will use classic exercises to help you build confidence in your own, authentic creative voice.

How it works: This is an online class. Students are required to download the (free) Zoom App before class time. Once you register, I will e-mail you with a booking confirmation and supply you with a link to join the class on your App. 


Materials: Art supplies are NOT included in the online class fee. To view the full materials list for this class, please click the button below. All art materials are readily available online. 

• Class meets Online Saturdays

January 15th - Feb 5th

from 11am - 1:00pm EST


Maximum of 10 students


4 session workshop for $150

Class 1:


Explore the fundamentals of drawing portraits:

• How to construct a portrait from any angle using the

  Loomis method

• How to render hair realistically

• How to use realistic portrait shading techniques

Class 2:


Explore the fundamentals of composition:

• How to use the "rule of 3rds" in composition structure

• Learn how to achieve balance within a composition 

• How to guide the viewer's eye through your artwork 

  using the concepts of unity and harmony

Class 3:


Explore drawing styles:

• Explore the dynamic range in creative styles of artists

  both past and present.

• How to find inspiration for your own work

• How to illustrate using a variety of creative styles

Class 4:


Explore the fundamentals of drawing landscapes:

• How to achieve depth using value and color in your drawing

• How to draw trees and foliage  

• Conveying light and shadow in color

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